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Night life in Bratislava


Bratislava is an exciting place where you can experience much more than just a history tour. The Slovak capital has embraced its charming small town feel (everything is pretty much walking distance) and blended it successfully with cosmopolitan influences of much larger European cities. The result is a thriving night life scene, vivid, colourful, and most of all wildly entertaining. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of pubs, clubs, bars and cafés available for night-long drinking, dancing, partying or just hilling with some old and some new-found friends.

The people are laid-back and keen to socialize – and, of course, to party like there’s no tomorrow. No matter what has led you to Bratislava, one night will make you long for more. Come and have a taste of the local cuisine, see how it feels to lose track of time, and how easy it is to fall in love with local party scene. Welcome to Bratislava’s buzzing nightlife. Maps and more info...








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Dear sport friends. You can download here a running brochure, which offers you information about the new marked running tracks in Bratislava. Brochure...


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